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Micro Economics (Download Link)_1 Month Validity
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Micro Economics (Download Link)

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Micro Economics (Download Link) (1, 3 & 6 Months' Validity)

This course consists of Video Lectures of MICRO ECONOMICS Unit 1: Introduction

Meaning of microeconomics and macroeconomics What is an economy? Central problems of an economy : what, how and for whom to produce; Concepts of production possibility frontier and opportunity cost.

Unit 2: Consumer Equilibrium and Demand

Consumer's equilibrium – meaning of utility, marginal utility, law of diminishing marginal utility, conditions of consumer's equilibrium using marginal utility analysis.

Indifference curve analysis of consumer's equilibrium-the consumer's budget (budget set and budget line)

Preferences of the consumer (Indifference curve, Indifference map) and conditions of consumer's equilibrium.

Demand, market demand, determinants of demand, demand schedule, demand curve and its slope, movement along and shifts in the demand curve;

price elasticity of demand - factors affecting price elasticity of demand;

Measurement of price elasticity of demand – (a) percentage-change method and (b) geometric method (linear demand curve); relationship between price elasticity of demand and total expenditure.

Unit 3: Producer Behaviour and Supply

Production function - Short-Run and Long-Run Total Product, Average Product and Marginal Product.

Returns to a Factor.

Cost and Revenue: Short run costs - total cost, total fixed cost, total variable cost; Average cost; Average fixed cost, average variable cost and marginal cost-meaning and their relationship.

Revenue – Total, Average and Marginal revenue - meaning and their relationship.

Producer's equilibrium-

Meaning and its conditions in terms of marginal revenue-marginal cost. Supply, market supply, determinants of supply, supply schedule, supply curve and its slope, movements along and shifts in supply curve, price elasticity of supply; measurement of price elasticity of supply – (a) percentage change method and (b) geometric method.

Unit 4: Forms of Market and Price Determination Perfect competition - Features; Determination of market equilibrium and effects of shifts in demand and supply. Other Market Forms - monopoly, monopolistic competition, oligopoly - their meaning and features.

UNIQUE POINTS 1. Complete Course Coverage 2. Excellent Study Material 3. Doubt Solving Facility 4. Case Studies Discussion 5. Previous Years' Important Questions Covered. 6. Interesting and Example based Teaching Methodology. 7. Flow Charts Teaching Techniques and Presentation for better retention. 8. Technical Support is also provided for installation. 9. Fastest Delivery (Applicable in case of Pen Drive / Printed Book).

Language: Hindi

Format: Download Link containing all these lecture will be sent within 24 hours of filling the form (excluding holidays).

Lectures Valid for : As per the Validity Chosen by you.

These video can be played either in one android phone or in one windows computer (i3+ 4 GB RAM, 100 GB Free Hard Disk)

Lectures do not work on ios / MAC / Apple computer / iPhones Views** : Unlimited

*Views here Mean You can open and close videos any number of times.

Watch time: Limited to 3 Times.

Example 1: For 1 hour lecture you will get 3 hours watch time.

Example 2: If video length is 30 Minutes then you will be able to watch that for 90 minutes i.e. 3 times the length of the video.

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